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Memorial Project Proposal 

                                                              ~by Laurianne Macdonald

" Let history record this great tragedy not with the continued clamor of evils but a scream of solidarity from the silenced good."

Laurianne Macdonald, Feb 1, 2019

Introduction - Honor the Victims

           It is nearly a year to the day and I am struck by the fact that even as an MSD Alumni parent who grieved with and for the parents of the victims... and yet another community losing its innocence, I am finding hearts filled with political agendas, self-endorsement, and the inability to find a path toward healing. Not just for the survivors, the victim's families, but the community and the nation as a whole.  

       The following memorial project proposal not only honors the victims in life, but unifies voices lost to tragedy: creates a reminder of how we are all connected in life... and in death. Let us not continue to taint these precious souls memories by using this tragedy as an excuse to divide people, profit from personal agendas, and ignore true healing and recovery. 


Executive Summary

         As an artist I have been inspired to create change. I know the work I propose will inspire others, provide a path toward healing, and create a sense of solidarity that will open doors of opportunity, offer meaning and purpose to each life lost, as well as honor each life lived... long into the future denied them.

        Please take the time to visit my artistic profile and my business website;  You will find that I am more than qualified to provide the healing, art, and attention to the needs of the public necessary to complete such a profound endeavor. 

        National media played and replayed the traumatic and terrifying events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS, the killer's subsequent circumstance, and the polarization of a traumatized public as "BLAME" overrode healing. Community leaders, students, and parents found themselves in a media storm that galvanized a divide in opinion and response. It is time to move past all that.

"Laurianne Macdonald is a true renaissance woman"

- Sarah Nichols FAT Village Art District, Fort Lauderdale, FL"

Statement of Need

Memorial projects that encourage survivors to explore contested memories of the past, promote learning and critical thinking, and facilitate ongoing cultural exchange are more likely to advance social reconstruction. They are also more likely to retain meaning for rising generations ...

Stabilization and Reconstruction Report, ~ Judy Barsalou and Victoria Baxter 2007

Goals & Objectives

  • Promote healing for the effected individuals, surviving family members, and the local and nation-wide communities forced to deal with similar tragedies
  • Create a breath-stopping work of art that embodies the magnitude of the tragedy while honoring the beauty and significance of each life lost.  
  • Develop a sense of solidarity amongst the students now, and for generations to come. 
  • Provide a memorial that embodies the objectives of voice and outreach intentions mentioned in my goals.
  • Establish community based endorsement of the work between the parents of the victims, the Broward County School Board, and  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students.
  • Deploy the multi-levels of meaning in this  project without costing the community or  taxpayers more than the desire and time to be involved.

Honor Life

Each victim will be represented in a life-sized charcoal portrait just prior to February 14th, 2018, and in compilation of them as a toddler reaching out to their older self. The composition will include a favorite childhood toy, play of a favorite game, or a beloved pet. 

Inspire Solidarity

Each portrait, in matching theme and style, will be framed individually but encased in a polished stainless steel frame that connects each portrait to another. The magnitude of the event will be illustrated in the size of the completed framework. 

Connect to the Viewer

The viewer relates not only as a child, but young adult in the process of giving away childish things, in the knowledge that the subject is deceased. They will sense the totality of loss as they proceed from first-shot to last or last-shot to first 

Relate to the Future

Each portrait will be created on a sheet of recycled paper. The paper will be hand-crafted from donations elicited from all major newspaper producers in the US; requested copies of the unsold papers produced that included the MSD shooting tragedy headlines. 

Budget & Timeline

My time and work will be donated. The paper for canvas production will be donated by media outlets. With my non-profit organization affiliations and experience, I will develop promotions, media platforms, and fundraising events that pay for miscellaneous supplies, frame construction and installation labor expenses.  The goal is to make this ambitious endeavor a  venue for community involvement and patron-ship.  The tragedy has cost the community more than enough. 


Ready to move forward?

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If you are interested in pursuing this memorial project, please contact me directly by calling 954.644.9345

If you have questions or need more information please complete the form to the left with specific details of your request in the message body. 

Thank you

Laurianne Macdonald

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