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Workshops for Home and Business

Balancing home, work, and self is hard. Today's over-scheduled, always-connected, hard-drive lifestyles make it nearly impossible. Laurianne offers a variety of healing events and stress management workshops that teach and inspire healthier, happier, and truly balanced living. 

Join Laurianne's weekly and monthly online events...

Holistic Energy Alignment Learning

Learn how to apply holistic energy aligning tools to optimize your healthy living & meditation practices: Reiki, vibration, crystal, mantra, prayer, music therapy, and more.

Hotwire Change

Motivational full day program designed to install better habits that facilitate growth and personal development. An interactive hypnotherapy session cultivates mindfulness, success, and permanent lifestyle changes that improve productivity, reduce sick days, and increases health and vitality for you and your work force.

Creative Stress Management

Creative stress management is a full day interactive workshop. CSM treats stress-related illnesses and aids in addiction recovery and decreases time out of work. Skills learned promote self-expression, self-awareness, growth and an inevitable sense of control cultivating healthy responses to today's over-scheduled, always-connected, hard-drive work models. CSM is also effective in treating PTSD, depression, anxiety, detox affect, and other stress related issues.

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