True Health

Your Guide to Healing Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit

Laurianne has spent years inspiring, and healing through acts of encouragement, personalized nutrition, Rx audit and reduction, and supportive supplementation education. The first step toward a happier and healthier life is investing in yourself. Start with the one-on-one holistic health and wellness consultation and customized Detox guide that addresses your personal health needs and lifestyle. Then optimize with tasty and nutritious recipes, all natural and handmade products, recommended supplementation and continued support....

...or schedule one of her Wellness, Nutrition, or Stress Management workshops designed specifically for larger audiences and the busy corporate environment.

Holistic ~Natural ~Simple

 Essential Steps to Better Health

Four Essential Steps to Better Health

Detox & Cleanse

In today's toxic, extreme, and stressful environments, the need for detoxification is not a question of if but when... and which one. There are many variations on the 'Detox Diet'. Some limit intake while others focus more on elimination. A 'quick-fix' mentality tempts a temporary and dangerous effort. Let Laurianne help you find sustainability in purity.

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Diet & Weight Loss

An analysis of energy intake, output, and nutrients based on your personal five day food journal will offer insights into your health needs. You will learn where you are deficient and where there are excesses in your nutrition that can be modified, supplemented, or simply tracked in order to aid in optimizing your diet or weight loss program.

Supplements & Healing

Today, everybody knows even apples and carrots can be questionable choices. There are dangerous differences between the DRIs, RDAs, AI, and the EARs or ULs on that label. The fact that the majority of fresh produce is grown in depleted soil or laden with chemicals adds another layer of concern. So.... If you aren't supplementing, you are nutritionally deficient. If you are supplementing... are you using valuable and ethical products? How can the right supplements and herbs heal?

Rx Audit & Elimination

Over 44,000 deaths and 250,000 hospitalizations due to Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) each year. Don't become a statistic... learn about your drugs and drug interactions today.... because everyday foods like grapefruit, coffee and chocolate can adversely affect the effect of your prescriptions.  There are also a number of drugs that deplete your natural supply of minerals and vitamins making the addition of supplements vital to sustained and optimized health.  

Health resides within... 

Invest in yourself 


Homeopathy is  the centuries-old practice of enhancing the body's ability to heal itself, a paradigm passed down from Hippocrates himself.   The practitioner assists only when necessary and through like-cures-like methodology. "Do no harm" is the homeopathic code.

Nature's Remedies

Genesis 9:3 ... and as I give you the green plants, I give you everything. Nature provides all that we need to help our bodies heal itself. Allopathic (Western medicine) and pharmaceuticals inhibit God's gifts and our amazing body's true potential.


Meditation is clinically proven to reduce stress, relieve anxiety,  improve focus and energy, develop a greater sense of perspective, and facilitate relaxation and sleep.  Learn the process and reap the benefits of mindfulness today.

Energy & Vibration

For millennia the human conscious- ness has innately understood the potent power expressed through sound. From the ancient OM and Tibetan singing bowls to  432Hz and 528Hz meditation frequency debate, the truth vibrates through you.

Food as Medicine

In the last 70 years the introduction of chemicals, preservatives, processing additives, pesticides, and GMO's into our food supply have created a killer. You have to protect yourself, learn the difference between food and food stuff. 

Beyond Mantra

Your cells are listening and have memory. Learn how not to hinder the body's dynamic ability to heal itself. Homeostasis is nature's goal, and you must discover,  acknowledge and change what you tell your body ~ mind ~ spirit in order to heal.